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These methods are so simple, we believe everyone can use them.

Dog Training
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 One-on-One Science-Based coaching for you on how to teach your furry friend how to sit, down, go to place, walk on a loose leash, and more without ever using any force or pain

Includes education on bite inhibition, chewing management, socialization, proper play behavior, over-excitement reduction, potty training and more!


 One-on-One Science-Based coaching for you on how to rehabilitate your dog's aggression issues with people, other dogs, children, etc

We believe there is no such thing as a bad dog; there are only misunderstood dogs. Dogs develop aggressive or fearful behavioral issues because they see them as effective tools to solve their own negative emotional responses. Through the specific and scientific processes of counter-conditioning, desensitization, and behavior adjustment therapy, we can safely modify their impulses towards ones that are beneficial to everyone involved and helps them change their conditioned emotional responses.


 We offer adoption counseling to families looking to get a new dog to make sure the dog you pick is the right one for you and your situation.

Discounts on this service are available for adoption from your local Humane Society Animal Shelters!

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 Private Exercise Sessions

We live in a busy world and we aren't always able to keep up with Fido's energy levels. We work all day and when we come home, we feel guilty that we don't have the energy to take Fido on a run, have a play session, or do the things our dog so desperately craves. That's where we come in.


I can take Fido on a bike ride to the local creek, play hide and seek, do some scent work, and so much more, once or several times a week. My ability to meet his energy needs is only dependent on how many times a week you desire for me to come to exercise him. Each time I'm done, you'll have a much happier and peaceful companion to cuddle with.

The Pet Dog Ambassador program

A Pet Manners Training Program for Dogs of All Ages.

Through the 5-step credentialing program you can teach your pet some much needed life skills in a fun and supportive environment, helping your pet become the Ambassador they deserve to be in your family and community. 

The PDA program builds over five levels to the Championship Level. Dogs as young as 4 months of age can enroll and begin gaining their first credentials very quickly learning these important skills.

For a pet dog that has reached 6 months of age you can begin them at level 2. Your pet will learn about car manners, how to enter and leave buildings. How to leave and recall back to you. And let’s not forget stay or settle!

You can train on your own guided by our manuals or connect with a Licensed Instructor to help you along. When ready a PDA Licensed Assessor will take you through your assessment.




Mia & Jamie were made for each other. Jamie adopted Mia from a shelter when she was 4. She had noticed she was standoffish and had been returned to the shelter previously. She was reactive, had severe separation anxiety, and had confidence issues. At one point, she snapped at a man who startled her on a walk. Jamie reached out to me to see what we could do to help Mia...